You will need to install the latest version of iTunes before you can use the giveaway. If you have problems to install the gieaway, you can use its official trial. It gives you three options: 1) rescue files from the connected Apple Phone or iPad; 2) "recover" files from your Windows computer, using iTunes; 3) recover files from iCloud. Your Apple gadgets will backup automatically to the iCloud and you can recover them just using your browser.

The giveaway will check for updates every 7 days. You might use your licence if you update. So I changed the 7 to 9999. I am not allowed to write here in what way that 7 is stored.

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dadams, check your config.ini file in %AppsData% and change the line about autocheckupdate to

autocheckupdate=0 Reply | Comment by gergn – Just now – 15-12-2018 11:20